New machinetools - STANKOMASHTROY


High quality conventional and CNC lathes

Only from us!

Length of workpiece 750 - 2000 mm!

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Our company also deals with the purchase of full workshop/plant/factory/factory unit.

We prefer to buy small and medium-sized plants, but larger ones are not a problem. We also can buy one or more sets of machines.

Our specialty is that we are willing to buy separate stock sets (tool and accessories only). Be it conventional machines or advanced machining CNC machines.

Usually we take care of the transportation of the machines.

We also deal with complete liquidation, completely emptied without damaging the building.

Tip: Before calling us, send some pictures of the machines and tools. For example, if the contents of a wardrobe are shot in one piece, we do not ask for item-by-item pictures.

You can send pictures here anytime by email: info [at]